Do It Now! WMMR Camp Out For Hunger

Mark your calendars!  You need to donate TODAY!

Today is the first day of the annual WMMR Preston & Steve’s Show “Camp Out For Hunger” to support PhilAbundance.  PhilAbundance is “the Philadelphia region’s largest hunger relief organization.  Their mission is to end hunger and malnutrition in the Delaware Valley by acquiring food and distributing it through organizations serving people in need.  They’ve been around since 1984 and have provided food for over 60 million meals!”  The Preston & Steve show has been supporting PhilAbundance for years.  Steve says it best:

The camp out is being held from December 1st through the 5th at the Metroplex in Plymouth Meeting, just west of Philadelphia.  Donations will be accepted everyday from about 6AM until approximately 9PM.  Preston & Steve will be broadcasting every morning from the Metroplex and there will be various other broadcasts from the location during the week.

It is a great cause and PhilAbundance can really use the support in this challenging year. They truly need it now more than ever.   Come by, drop off your donation, and maybe even enter some contests or win a prize.

They thank you for your support! 

Gadzooks –  WMMR Rocks!   Support PhilAbundance Today!

For more information on items needed, times, locations, etc, you can get all the details on the WMMR site.
For more information on PhilAbundance, you can click here.


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  1. Aaron Proctor Says:

    Rock on!

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