Local Finds: Random Pieces – Wayne, PA

randomsIt happens to all of us. 

You downsize from a five bedroom house to a three bedroom condo.  You change from a two story colonial to a multi-story contemporary.  You get your first home and the two bedroom apartment furnishings with the egg crate shelves just don’t make it.  In each case, you need a change of furniture.

Sometimes you need an entire house, at other times you may need just an accent piece – but you always have the same problems with where to go for the new furniture and what to do with the old.  Well now, beyond all the new furniture store options and rather than trying to wade through a thrift store, you have another alternative to consider.

Hidden in Wayne and open only once a month is Random Pieces.  Whether you are buying or selling, you may want to give Chip a call.  He can explain it best:

Located behind 120-122 Lancaster Ave in Wayne, they open once a month so buyers can come and peruse the latest finds.  It can be an eclectic collection ranging from single item tables or sideboards to full furniture sets and everything in between.  Items vary but they try to maintain a mix for every room in your home.  They can also buy your quality furniture from you to ease the transition if you may be moving, downsizing, or may simply need a change.

Considering a move?  Thinking of something a little bit different?  Need to get rid of some of the existing furnishings? Trying to save some money?   Random Pieces may be a good place to start – and they are local!

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