Springfield Mall PA 101 Trolley Stop

Following the eternal quest to answer the question “What’s there?”,  I have found many of the questions have centered around the various transit stops throughout the area.  People are interested in mass transit but aren’t ready to commit until they have a better understanding of the areas and “What’s there”.

101 Local Trolley at Springfield Mall PAToward that end, over the next few months, I will periodically add videos to the site both to document the various stops and provide you with some additional information on the surrounding areas.  In due course, I should be able to cover all the various rail lines that continue through the county into Philadelphia.  I will also cover the adjacent areas in Montgomery County and New Castle County, DE.  Hopefully, this will provide you with a better feel for the options available as you look around the county and adjacent areas.

The first stop here is the Springfield Mall Trolley Route 101 stop.  This stop is located just behind the Springfield Mall in the north east corner at the trolley’s Route 320/Springfield Rd underpass.  There is no parking directly adjacent to this stop; however, the stop is located just a short walk downhill from the mall itself.  There are also stairs directly to Route 320 and the connecting bus services.

The Springfield Mall itself is currently undergoing some major changes.  The former Strawbridges store has now been removed and they are in the process of building a new anchor Target Store.  In addition there are over 70 stores listed in the mall with Macy’s anchoring the far end.

BTW: I will work to come up with a consistent format – any suggestions, just let me know.


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