Radnor Goes Green

Last night Radnor held the Kick Off Meeting for it’s Sustainability Series: Issues in Sustainable Living and Growth in Radnor Township.  This introduced the first in a series of topics that will be presented approximately every two months throughout the year covering a wide range of Green topics.  The series is hosted at the Radnor Township Municipal Building on Iven but the presentations are also aired live on Comcast Cable Channel 10 and Verizon FiOS Channel 30.

Green LeavesSponsored by the Radnor Conservancy, the League of Women Voters of Radnor Township, and the Township of Radnor PA, the meeting started at 7PM with the topic: Green Building 101.  Four presenters were included for the evening introduced by Elaine Schaefer of the Radnor Conservancy.  In order of appearance, they covered:

What is Sustainability and Green Building?
by: Mark Janiczek, Green Builder and Community Leader
How Green is Green? Measuring Standards and Practices
by: Brenda Gotanda, Chair, Radnor Environmental Advisory Council
Promoting Green Building – Overview of State/Local Programs
by: Lorna Rosenberg, Environmental Protection Agency
Making It Real in Radnor, a Success Story
by: Leo Bernabei, Radnor Township School District

It was an excellent series of presentations, highlighting the roles of various players in the area and how to measure the impacts/success of various programs.  This provided a good basis for understanding some current green issues and what is being done locally in Pennsylvania and regionally.

Thank you to the sponsors and presenters for a great meeting.  The next topic is currently scheduled for Tuesday, May 19, 7-9 PM and will cover “Alternative Sources of Energy: Wind, Solar, and More.


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