Alternative Renewable Energy Sources – Radnor PA Sustainability Series

Just Consider:

Pennsylvania contributes 1% of GLOBAL greenhouse gases.

Think about the impact we are having globally from here in our own backyard.

Last night Radnor held the second meeting in it’s  Sustainability Series: Issues in Sustainable Living and Growth in Radnor TownshipHome Solar Array Thorbury Township PAThe night’s topic was Alternative, Renewable Energy Sources: Transforming our Energy Economy.  The series is hosted at the Radnor PA Township Municipal Building on Iven but the presentations are also aired live on Comcast Cable Channel 10 and Verizon FiOS Channel 30.

Sponsored by the Radnor Conservancy, the League of Women Voters of Radnor Township, and the Township of Radnor PA, the meeting started at 7PM and lasted until approximately 9PM.  There were four speakers in attendance for the night and they provided a great overview of the issues on a macro level.  This afforded a great follow up to the first topic in the series: Green Building 101.

In order of appearance, each speaker highlighted important items in four separate areas:

Wind Energy and Its Future as a National Energy Source
by: Brent Alderfer, Executive VP of Iberdrola Renewables (1)
Solar Energy: Transforming the Market
by: Sarah Hetznecker, Project Development Director of Conergy
Other Potential Players: Nuclear, Geothermal, and More
by: John C Nagle, Consulting Engineer
The Most Surprising New Source of Energy: Efficiency
by: Ginny Kreitler, President, Kreitler Research & Consulting, LLC
Advisor to Pennsylvania Land Trust Association

PA Field TractorAll the presentations highlighted both where we are today and the challenges that we are facing in the future. In addition, they stressed the importance that policy, not only economics, will play as the world deals with both the continuing rise in demand for energy and the required decrease in carbon for the good of the environment.  There are still many options available and choices to be made as we go forward.

The next presentation in the series will be in approximately two months and will deal with the steps that can be taken today in our homes and at the local level.

As always, if you have any questions or need any additional information, please do not hesitate to ask anytime.


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One Response to “Alternative Renewable Energy Sources – Radnor PA Sustainability Series”

  1. Downspout Says:

    Mosquito spraying has begun – this is an attempt by our State hierarchy to show us how beneficial they are and is an unnecessaryu program that is shown to be of questionable value.

    Anyone from Radnor should be horrified that three of our Parks were scheduled to be sprayed by teams on foot with tanks of insecticide the week of 7/7/09. They even sprayed the Eagle Scout project in Clem Macrone Park ! Insects are a valuable part of Pennsylvania’s ecosystem yet these mosquito squads are indiscriminately mowing down millions of bugs who are not mosquitos and by the way serve as food for birds, who will be eating half killed bugs at cost to their health etc etc.

    Call the State and tell them they’re irresponsible and grandstanding at risk of decimation and extinction to numerous species that have nothing to do with any virus !

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