It’s All About Focus

In FocusSuccess in buying a home, like many things in life, is all about focus.

Everyday, buyers are being buffeted by contrasting news reports saying that its both a great time to buy and that people are losing their shirts in the real estate meltdown.  Well, both views can be correct.

The only really important concern is what is right for you.

Before you start you really need to consider some key questions:

-Where do you want to live?
-Is it better to own or rent?
-How much home can we afford?
-What monthly payments would work with our lifestyle?
-How much money can we afford to put down today?
-Where are the right schools for our family?
-How is the commute?  Which routes could work?
-Where do we spend the most time outside work?
-What style, size, and amenities would we like in a potential home?
-Where are our friends and family?
-What entertainment options do we want?
-Do we need to be near the freeway, airport, bus, or trains?

Once you have a clear focus on your goals, then you can quickly narrow down your search and put together a plan to reach your goals. You can then focus on deciding on target areas, putting together your financing, and really researching the homes in those areas.

Colonial Home PAThis is truly a great time to be in the market – particularly if you are a first time home buyer and can qualify for the $8000 First Time Buyer Tax Credit.  Purchasing a home can be a great experience or a confusing mess.  If you start out focusing on where you want to arrive, the entire experience can be a much less confusing and much more enjoyable process.

Ready to start looking?  Feel free to call anytime.  It’s time to take advantage of all this area and market have to offer.


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