Cutter’s Mill – The Natural Pet Place

Cutter’s Mill in Paoli PA, The Natural Pet Place, believes that your pets also deserve the best.

Cutters Mill Store Paoli PACutter’s Mill’s logo is that it is The Natural Pet Place.  They offer a “wide variety of natural, organic, holistic foods for dogs, cats, companion birds, small animals, fish and reptiles, plus  wide variety of unique and “gotta have it” accessories.”

When they say that they offer over 50 brands of traditional, premium, natural, and organic foods for your pets, you can believe it.  Cutter's Mill Store Interior Paoli PAThe aisles are stacked with a wide assortment of foods of every imaginable type and make.  They even include a raw bar and an amazing display of baked goods.

The store itself is beautiful with a nice upscale feel: nice wood finishes on the floors and fixtures, great and imaginative lighting, kiosks handling dog beds, toys, bones, and all kinds of accessories.  Natural Organic Holistic Pet Food Cutter's Mill Paoli PALast Sunday while I was there, they had a rep from  Wellness Core Foods describing their foods and health benefits.  Cutter’s Mill has a nice open layout with seats up front and a wide variety of items tastefully displayed for easy access and perusal.

The friendly staff encourages you to bring your pet, and they were able to answer all the questions thrown their way by the pet owners.  They really seem to enjoy being there and working with their visitors.

The Natural Pet place Cutter's Mill Paoli PAThis is an upscale environment as evidenced by the Nieman Marcus inspired $2500 dog bed emblazoned with Swarovski Crystals.  By signing up  for their newsletter, however, you will be notified of all the specials for each month so you can take full advantage of everything that is offered during the year.  They also hold many special events from Letterman’s Stupid Pet Trick Auditions to Pet Psychics and they support the local community with Certified Visiting Dog Trainers and many Animal Rescue groups.

If you are looking to pamper your animal with some special food or gift, Dog Bowls Cutters Mills Paoli PAthis is definitely one place you need to look for that distinctive gift.  They are open seven days a week and they do have four locations in the region but this is the only one in this area.

Take your time, enjoy your visit, and say “Hi” to Gus while you’re there.


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