Westtown Station Gallery Ceramics & Art – Ken Kazanjian

Ken Kazanjian, owner of the Westtown Station Gallery in Westtown PA, continues to inspire with his pottery works.

Westtown Station Gallery Westtown PA Thornbury TownshipThe Westtown Station Gallery is located in the original Pennsylvania Railroad Westtown Station (originally aka Street Road Station) located adjacent to Street Rd just west of its intersection with Thornton/Westtown Rd.  Originally built in 1859, the station had seriously deteriorated by the 1980s as traffic declined and SEPTA prepared to discontinue the line to West Chester PA.  It was boarded up and ready for demolition when Ken Kazanjian found it.

Westtown Station Gallery Ceramics Ken Kazanjian PAHaving just returned to the area from the Peace Corps, he was looking for a new home and work space and arranged to obtain and rebuild the station.  Trained at the Philadelphia College of Art, over the next few years he remodeled the building to include a living area, studio, and gallery space for his future business.   Today the Westtown Station Gallery features the works of Ken Kazanjian and his wife, Shelley Shultis.

Ken specializes in high fire ceramics.  Based on an ancient Asian process, it allows for very strong pieces in muted colors.  Wesstown Station Gallery Interior Shelley Shultis PAEach piece is a unique design and although not complete settings, the pieces are meant to be used.

Over the years, they have continued to develop the space.  Today, Westtown Station is a “charming art studio and gallery featuring hand crafted art pottery.  Also on display, a fine collection of primitive and tribal arts, plus bronze windbells, Indian blankets, Mayan hammocks, textiles, and blown glass.”  On the grounds, they have created both a great Outdoor Sculpture Garden and a unique Train Underpass Gallery.

If you enjoy finely crafted art or are looking for that special gift, unique accent pieces, or outdoor sculpture, you need to stop by and take a look.  The Gallery is open daily from 10-5 from May through November.

This is a great time of year to get out and enjoy all the area has to offer.  As always, let me know if you have any questions.


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  1. The School Of Arts And Design « Niugini Days Says:

    […] Ken Kazanjian was young Philadelphia potter of Armenian descent who had been appointed by my Australian predecessor. While very much a free spirit, he did some marvelous work with students, building a free standing pottery using a combination of a traditonal Kunai grass thatched roof, timber frames and concrete foundations. […]

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