Easttown Township Chester County PA Proposed Earned Income Tax – Meeting October 19th 8PM

Be sure to take the opportunity to let your opinion be known on the proposed Earned Income Tax in Easttown Township on October 19th.

As we move through this economic downturn, not only individuals and families are taking action to cope, but most local governments are also being forced to review their finances.  Easttown Township Chester County PAMany smaller communities are cutting expenses and reorganizing their operations to reduce their expenditures as much as possible while minimizing any additional burden on the local constituents.  Many are also raising fees and enforcing statues to raise additional revenue as possible.  All these actions are easily reversible.

Others are taking a different tack and changing some of their fundamental tax and revenue plans.  This is where the local constituents need to be more involved since these can have large long term impacts on both the individual and the local community.  Easttown is one of the local communities that is currently looking to raise revenues by proposing an Earned Income Tax.

“Please be advised that on Monday, October 19, 2009 at 8:00 P.M. prevailing time, at Beaumont Elementary School, 575 Beaumont Road, Devon, Pennsylvania, the Easttown Township Board of Supervisors will conduct a public hearing to consider and immediately thereafter during its regular meeting enact the following Ordinance” This ordinance concerns the earned Income Tax.

Please be sure to take the time and opportunity to attend the meeting (or call in advance) to be sure that you have the chance to make your voice heard either for or against these proposals.


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