Ellis Preserve Approved by Newtown Township

Ellis Preserve Newtown Square PAAfter five years of review and planning, Newtown Township has approved the revised plans for the development of the Ellis Preserve at Newtown Square.

After years of work, meetings, and evolving plans, the Ellis Preserve Town center is now closer than ever to fruition.  The township will still submit some additional conditions to BPG that must be addressed, and another builder is contesting the approval,  but the project looks like it should be proceeding.

Ellis Preserve Town Center Newtown Square PAThe Ellis Preserve at Newtown Square will include a mixture of office, retail and residential uses.  The Ellis Preserve Town Center should be a great addition to the township and provide a more traditional town center to the area.  In addition to the commercial center concentrated by the intersection of Routes 252 and West Chester Pike, there will also be additional office space along West Chester Pike and various residential options concentrated to the north as you head toward Goshen Road.

BPG Properties Newtown Square Ellis Preserve PAFor more complete information, be sure to check out the complete Daily Times Article on the meeting itself and the embedded links to take you directly to the developers site.

As always, should you need any additional information, feel free to contact me anytime.


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