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Haverford Hill Condo Sales and Activity Real Estate Update – Haverford PA

November 14, 2014

The Haverford Hill Condos have continued to be a popular housing choice in Delaware County, but prices have fallen.

Since the last update on Haverford Hill in 2011, prices have weakened considerably resulting in increased activity. Haverford Hill Haverford PAFor the two bedroom condos, in 2011 there were 4 sales with an average settled price of $120,000 (down from an average $143,000 in 2012). Average prices then declined to $98,000 with 5 sales in 2012, and then $89,000 with 8 sales in 2013. In 2014 year to date, there have been 5 sales averaging $108,000. In addition, there are three 2 bedroom units on the market with an average asking price of $110,000 and one unit listed for $185,000. With the average pending unit prices lower than settled year to date, the average price for the year should fall from the $110,000 level.

For the one bedroom units, in 2011 there was only one sale for $94,000. This then fell to 3 sales averaging $65,000 in 2012 and no sales were listed for 2013. In 2014, year to date, there have been 5 sales with an average sold price of $66,000. There are also 2 units on the market with an average list price of $75,000.

Haverford Hill CondominiumsThere have also been several scattered 3 bedroom sales with pricing from $80,000 to $135,000.

Overall the pricing and activity in the Haverford Hill condos has tracked the activity seen in much of the county except that the fall in pricing occurred later here than seen in many other individual communities. It appears though that pricing and activity have stabilized or strengthened as we have moved through 2014 and it is expected that it should remain solid going forward.

As always, if you have any questions or would like to visit the area, please contact me anytime.

David Henke
Long & Foster Real Estate Inc – Devon, PA/Wilmington, DE
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(All statistics per the TrendMLS System and believed accurate but not guaranteed)

Haverford Hill Condo Update Delaware County PA

July 24, 2011

The Haverford Hill condominiums continue to be a popular choice although prices and sales activity have both weakened recently as compared to our last update in January 2010.

Throughout the county, home prices and sales activity have continued to be weak as consumers remain wary of the unsettled local, national, and international prospects. Condominiums of existing complexes have seen lowered demand and this weakness is reflected in both the pricing and sales activity seen in the Haverford Hill condominium complex.

In 2009, the average price of a 2 bedroom unit was $149,000. This eased to $143,000 in 2010 and $133,500 in 2011.  With an average list price for properties currently on the market of only $133,000, the average price appears to be headed lower for all of 2011.

The same trend is seen in the activity.  In 2008 there were 10 sales, rising to 18 total sales in 2009. In 2010 this fell to only 5 sales in the complex and only one settled sale for 2011 year to date. In detail:

Year:  1BR on the Mrkt | Avg Price | 2BR on the Mrkt | Avg Price
Active:            :4               $98,000            14                    $133,000
Sold 2011:      :0                      0                 1                     $133,500
Sold 2010:      :2              $115,000            3                     $143,000
Sold 2009:      :10            $108,000            7                     $149,000

With lower pricing, increased inventory, and the available great financing rates, activity could quickly rise as we continue through the year and consumers get some clarity and feel more confident on their personal situations. Well known communities and developments would likely be the first to benefit.

David Henke
Long & Foster Real Estate Inc – Devon,PA/Bear, DE
Office: 610-225-7400/Direct: 610-618-0808

Pilgrim Gardens Drexel Hill PA Home Market Update

June 23, 2009

Conveniently located just off Township Line Rd and covering sections in the westernmost section of Upper Darby Township and southernmost Haverford Township, Pilgrim Gardens is one of the most popular housing choices in the area.

Pilgrim Gardens Stone Homes Drexel Hill PADeveloped largely in the fifties, the community contains over 800 homes per the public tax records but the core of the area is just west of Route 1 between the intersections with State Rd to the south and Burmont Rd to the north.  The entire community is located in the Drexel Hill zip code 19026.  This location provides great access to the Main Line, the Blue Route/ I476, the Trolley, and the major commuter routes of Route 1/ Township Line Rd, West Chester Pike, and Rt 320/ Sproul Rd.

In addition, the commercial development around Loehmans Plaza provides great shopping, restaurant, and workout facilities within walking distance of much of the community, while Drexeline Shopping Center is just down Township Line Rd.  The community is also home to the Aronimink Swim Club, and at the base of Warrior Rd is Glendale Field, the old home of Haverford Youth Football.

On a relative basis, the real estate activity in Pilgrim Gardens has remained much more stable here than seen in many areas of the county.  Pricing has fluctuated within a 10% range since 2004.  Pilgrim Gardens Brick Homes Havertown PAPilgrim Gardens reached its highest average home price in 2006 at $281,000 but this was almost matched in 2008 when the pricing reached $280,000.  Pricing had risen from an average of $257,000 in 2004 to $270,000 in 2005, to $281,000, then back to $274,000 in 2007, up to $280,000 again, and finally to $259,000 in 2009 year to date.

Activity has also remained relatively stable.  In 2004, there were 14 listed home sales in the development.  This rose to 19 in 2005, back to 13 in 2006, 22 in 2007, 18 in 2008, and 6 in 2009 year to date.  There also an additional 3 homes under contract at an average price of $296,000.  At this list price level, we would expect to see the average price for 2009 to jump back up above the current $259,000 level to put it more in line with previous years – the sales rate should also end up within the range seen over the last five years.

With its great location, community amenities, and solid housing, Pilgrim Gardens should remain a top choice for people moving in the area.

As always, should you have any questions or need any information, please do not hesitate to contact me anytime.

Green Energy Forum: PA Sunshine Program, Keystone Help, High Performance Green Building

June 12, 2009

Coopertown Elementary School Haverford PA

Last night, PA State Rep Greg Vitali held a Green Energy Meeting at Coopertown Elementary School to update local residents and businesses on new programs and financing available for energy efficiency upgrades.

With an audience composed of about one third homeowners, one third contractors, and one third small business owners, the speakers covered various programs currently underway.  They also highlighted resources that are available today for energy consumers in the area.

They split the presentation into four sections.  After a brief introduction by Rep Vitali, each speaker had about a twenty minute presentation followed by a lengthy open formal and then informal question and answer period.

Dan Griffiths, Director of Energy Technology and Deployment Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, was the first speaker covering the PA Sunshine Program and the state’s energy independence strategy.  Pennsylvania is making an over $650 million investment toward increasing our energy independence and promoting green energy in the state.  The state has already raised about $100 million in new bond funding with $30 million already being deployed in the new programs.  The program includes both funding and rebates for individual projects meeting their criteria.

The second speaker was Jeffery Gatter, Senior VP of AFC First Financial.  He delved more deeply primarily into the Keystone Help Program.  This program provides low cost financing for Energy Efficiency Home Improvements with interest rates and rebates varying on the type of projects being proposed.  This program is a key driver for both homeowners and contractors to make the investments cost effective for all involved.  Country Bridge Chadds Ford PARebates are available for projects completed after February 23, 2009 while financing is available for projects begun afte February 23, 2009.

The final speaker was Spencer Finch from the Delaware Valley Green Building Council and the Pennsylvania Environmental Council.  He covered the High Performance Green Building Program and how to approach these projects.  The key is to start small and do the obvious projects first before starting with the major retrofits and solar/geothermal options that are available.  He reviewed several of the resources available both in the area and nationally.

Thanks again to Representative Gregory Vitali’s efforts to put on another great program highlighting the steps the state is taking to help the state, residents, and the environment.  Be sure to check his website for upcoming legislation.

Ardmore Av Station SEPTA Rt 100 High Speed Rail Line

May 2, 2009

Welcome to the Ardmore Avenue Station of the SEPTA Route 100 High Speed Line.

SEPTA Ardmore Ave Station Haverford PAThe SEPTA Rt 100 High Speed Line runs from the 69th Street Terminal in Upper Darby Delaware County to Norristown in Montgomery County.  This particular station is located at the crossing of the tracks with Ardmore Avenue just to the north of the Merion Golf Club and south of the intersection of Ardmore Ave with Haverford Road.

The Ardmore Ave station has limited parking so it is better situated as a drop off/walk up station for the local residents.  It is within walking distance of much of the western area of Ardmore Park and within range of much of the student housing for Haverford College which is located north of Haverford Road and west of Ardmore Ave.  The Haverford station would be a closer stop to the campus itself.  Closer to the station there are predominately single family homes.  The video provides a bit better idea of the area:

As far as real estate in the area, there is a wide mix of townhomes, twins, and single family homes in the area.  Using only the twins north of the track just in the western area of Ardmore Park, the pricing is tracking what we have seen in much of the area.  Activity peaked in 2006 with 30 sales and an average price of $275,000.  Pricing peaked in 2007 at $278,000 with 25 sales and then fell to 16 sales at an average price of $268,000 in 2008.  In 2009, we have seen an increase with only four completed sales at an average price of $305,000.  All these properties were in great move-in condition.

Today there are an additional 8 properties on the market at an average of $272,000 list and 2 properties under contract with an average list price of $266,000.  Based on these numbers, we should see the average sales price coming down.

So again, welcome to the Ardmore station.  This is a convenient local suburban Philadelphia commuter station providing easy access to the additional connections both through Norristown and the 69th Street Terminal heading toward Philadelphia.  The station is within walking distance to a wide array of housing choices.  As always, feel free to contact me anytime with questions, topics, or concerns.

(All statistics from the TrendMLS System are believed accurate but not guaranteed.)