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Ridley Park PA – Home Prices Steady with Rising Activity

April 14, 2017

Home sales in Ridley Park Borough PA continue to rise while prices remain steady. 

In the 1870’s, the Philadelphia, Wilmington, and Baltimore railroad was developing a new line into Chester. IMG_20170413_145713They hired an architect and planned a new community to develop along the new rail line. Ridley Park was carved out of the center of Ridley Township as that new development in the 1870’s and was incorporated in 1887. Today, Ridley Park Borough is a great blend of stately old Victorians, newer single family homes, twins, condos, and apartments centered on a classic small downtown.

Since 2011, average home prices in the Borough have remained fairly constant. In 2011, the average price was $175,000. This rose to $192,000 in 2012, fell to $162,000 in 2013, then $172,000 in 2014, $182,000 in 2015, and $189,000 in 2016. The volume has been another story. There were 48 sales in 2011, rising to 49 in 2012, 60 in 2013, 79 in 2014, 90 in 2015, and 109 in 2016 – volume up 127% over the five years.

Today there are 20 homes on the market, 17 under contract, and there RidleyParkHomehave been 13 sales year to date. Settled prices have ranged from $70,000 to $230,000.

Ridley Park is mirroring what we have been seeing throughout southern Delaware County. Home sale activity has been increasing in most areas on a year to year basis but prices have not been following as aggressively. If activity continues to grow and the inventory of available homes for sale continues to shrink, we can expect to see stable or growing prices as we head for the future.

With its great location, classic downtown, wide range of housing options, and great transportation links, Ridley Park should remain a top choice in the area. This should lead to a continued stable to strong housing market.

David Henke 
Long & Foster Real Estate Inc – Devon, PA/Wilmington, DE 
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Haverford Township PA Home Sales Update

April 12, 2017

Haverford Township continues to see solid home pricing with increasing sales activity.

Located in the northeastern part of Delaware County just to the west of the Blue Route (I-476), Haverford Township has been a very popular community along the Main Line for years. Haverford Township was first formed in 1684 from a portion of the original Welsh Tract grant of 1681. For decades it was a prime agricultural area with many mills and industry taking advantage of the local creeks. With the arrival of train and trolley lines, it has developed as a convenient suburb of Philadelphia offering quick access to the Blue Route, Philadelphia, Wilmington, The Philadelphia International Airport, and the Main Line.

On a relative basis, Haverford Township home sales pricing has remained steadier tOldHaverfordFriendsMeeting.jpghan much of Delaware County – avoiding the big drop and recovery seen in many areas of the county. Sales prices have remained within about a 10% range. In 2011, the average home sales price was $347,000. This dropped to $320,000 in 2012, then $328,000 in 2013, $337,000 in 2014, $359,000 in 2015, and $345,000 in 2016. Note that there is only a $2,000 difference in the average home sales price in 2011 to 2016. So far in 2017, the average sale price has been $357,000.

This fairly steady pricing may not last much longer. The number of homes listed per year has risen between 10 and 20% but the completed sales continue to rise more quickly. In 2011, there were 480 completed home sales. In 2012 there were 582 reported sales in the MLS, then 626 in 2013, 631 in 2014, 705 in 2015, and 943 in 2016. So far in 2017, there have been 138 completed sales with 162 additional properties currently under contract. The yearly numbers from 2011 to 2016 represent more than a 60% rise in completed sales. This has resulted in increasing price pressure (including increasing multiple offers) across the board which could begin to show up as rising prices as more homes settle over the next few months.

With a wide variety of housing choices, convenient location, stable to rising home sale pricing and sales activity, Haverford Township should remain a prime choice for homeowners for years to come.

David Henke 
Long & Foster Real Estate Inc – Devon, PA/Wilmington, DE 
Office: 610-225-7400/Direct: 610-618-0808

(All statistics per the TrendMLS System and believed accurate but not guaranteed)

Happy July 4 2016!

July 4, 2016

Happy July 4, 2016!

I hope everyone is having a great year. Be sure to take some time off to relax and enjoy your friends and family this July 4th. Thanks to everyone and have a great holiday!

David Henke 
Long & Foster Real Estate Inc – Devon, PA/Wilmington, DE 
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Remember to Vote in the Primary! Now!

April 26, 2016

Today is Primary Day in both Pennsylvania and Delaware. The polls will remain open in both states until 8:00 PM. Please be sure to make your vote count before you lose the opportunity!


It continues to be a volatile year with many closely contested races in many areas. Many elections will be effectively decided with the results of the primary …. and it is a beautiful day to be out, see your friends, and vote.

David Henke 
Long & Foster Real Estate Inc – Devon, PA/Wilmington, DE 
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Memorial Day 2015

May 25, 2015

Have a Great Memorial Day!

Marple Township Veterans Memorial Broomall PA 2015

Good Memorial Day to all. Welcome to the unofficial beginning of summer. It’s a great time to relax, reflect, and recharge as we head into the summer. It’s also a great time to move! Enjoy the weekend, friends, and family, and take time to remember all those who have made it possible.

David Henke
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Devon Fall Classic Begins Sept 12

September 11, 2013

From September 12 through September 15, the Devon Horse Show grounds will once again be hosting the Devon Fall Classic.

Devon Fall Classic PAThe Devon Fall Classic Equestrian Events begin at 9 AM on September 12 and run through Sunday. The Fall Festival Shops and Midway will be open from noon to 9 PM Thursday, 10 AM – 9:30 PM Friday and Saturday, and 10 AM to 5PM on Sunday. Devon Horse Show Grounds Devon PAThere will also be live music on Thursday and Friday evenings, and during the day on the weekend. Pony Rides will also be available on Saturday and Sunday.

Take the opportunity to enjoy the Horse Show, Shops, Midway, and events on what looks like a great late summer weekend. Enjoy!

David Henke
Long & Foster Real Estate Inc – Devon, PA/Wilmington, DE
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OPEN HOUSE – This Sunday 12 – 2 @ 409 S Lynn Dr Wilmington DE 19809

August 24, 2013

409 S Lynn Dr Wilmington DE 19809
Updated Bank Owned Property

This Sunday we will be holding 409 S Lynn Dr in Stonehaven Wilmington DE open from 12:00 – 2:00

Luna Open House

This is a nice single family home with 3 bedrooms and 2 baths. Stonehaven is located at the intersection of Marsh Rd and the Philadelphia Pike. From the intersection, the entrance to Stonehaven is the first right south or west of the intersection on the Philadelphia Pike heading toward Wilmington. This is Lynn Dr – simply continue on Lynn until you reach the property at 409 S Lynn on the right.

David Henke
Long & Foster Real Estate Inc – Bear, DE/Devon, PA
Office: 302-834-3431/Direct: 610-618-0808

(All statistics per the TrendMLS System and believed accurate but not guaranteed)

Secrets of the Silk Road – Time is of the Essence

March 13, 2011

Only 3 days left to see the Secrets of the Silk Road Mummies at the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archeaology and Anthroplogy.

The Secrets of the Silk Road Exhibition at the University of Penn Museum is currently on view through March 28th but the mummies will only be available through Tuesday March 15th.  The display includes 125 specially chosen objects providing a great overview of the history, lifestyles, and customs along the Silk Road.  All the items came from several archeolgical sites in the Tarim Basin, the center of the legendary route.

After Tuesday, it will be necessary to return the Mummies to China so the museum is offering extended hours through Tuesday to provide ample opportunity to see them before they are gone.  The remaining rarely seen items will be on display through March 28th.

Be sure to take some time, visit the museum, and see the exhibit before time runs out!

David Henke
Long & Foster Real Estate Inc – Newtown Square,PA/Bear, DE
Office: 610-225-7400/Cell: 610-618-0808

2010 Delaware Primary Candidates Debate in Hockessin

August 24, 2010

Last night I had the chance to attend some primary debates in Delaware hosted by the Community Newspaper and Greater Hockessin Area Development Association at the Hockessin Fire Hall.  DE Primary Debates Hockesin Fire HallNow that we are heavily into the political season with the Delaware primary only two weeks away, I thought it might be good time to take a look at the early issues. (Warning to those looking for real estate: this is mostly politics and personal observations)

In the first panel, 3 of the 5 primary candidates were in attendance running for the US Senate and US Congress on the Republican side.  Michael Castle (R) and Rose Izzo (R) were not in attendance.  Christine O’Donnell (R) did a great job highlighting some key concerns with the absent Congressman.  Sherriff Candidates O'Leary Hart NavarroWhile Michele Rollins (R) and Glen Urquhart (R) both had generally aligned views, Michele appeared the more forceful advocate for her positions.  Some interesting proposals on immigration were addressed.

Only 2 of the 4 Auditor of Accounts and State Treasurer candidates were available. Kenneth Matlusky (D) was present for the Auditors while Korn sent a representative. Chip Flowers (D) revealed a good grasp for the issues and positions while Velda Jones-Potter was apparently at another meeting.

The 2 local County Council 3 candidates were both available.  Building on her previous years of experience, Janet Kilpatrick (R) demonstrated deep expertise in the local issues and processes.  Chip Flowers State Treasurer CandidateMichael Protack (R) continued with a strong performance building on his deep links in the community.

The final group consisted of all four candidates for Sheriff and was probably the most intriguing of the night.  Michael Walsh (D) highlighted his years of experience in the position, his budget surplus, and the latest technological advances in his organization.  Trinidad Navarro (D), William Hart (R), and Joseph O’Leary (R) all emphasized increased access, possible technological advances, and customer service.  An interesting item was the handling of foreclosures.

Working in both New Castle County and Delaware County PA, the focus concerning Sheriff Sales of the two present Sheriffs could not be more different.  Sheriff Joseph McGinn of Delaware County PA has made it a priority of his organization to work with the residents in his area to avoid foreclosure.  Candidate FlyersHis office will provide information on the foreclosure process and contacts that any homeowner can use to try to work out of their problem to avoid a sale.  This includes an offer to act as a conduit between the homeowner and lender to ensure the process is moving further.

The current New Castle County Sheriff’s Office has a different view and sees no responsibility to help the homeowner.  They are focused on the process and have been able to efficiently handle a quadrupling of their workload without adding any staff, while working efficiently with area attorneys, and creating a budget surplus.  They have been able to continue to excel at their core functions of Service of Process, Auctions, and Prisoner Detention and Transportation.

Janet Kilpatrick Mike Protack County Council 3

All three challengers seem to be moving toward a more balanced approach.

Thanks to Jesse Chadderdon, Editor of the Community News, for acting as moderator and to the Community News and Greater Hockessin Area Development Association for sponsoring the event.

David Henke
Long & Foster Real Estate Inc – Bear, DE/Newtown Square, PA
Office: 302-834-3431/Cell: 610-618-0808

Marcus Hook PA History & Homes Market Update

June 26, 2010

It’s just about time for a quick Marcus Hook PA Homes Market Update with a bit of history.

Marcus Hook PA Riverfront ParkLocated just over the state border from northern Delaware along the Delaware River in lower Delaware County PA, Marcus Hook is one of the original industrial Pennsylvania river towns.  This area between New Castle Delaware and Philadelphia PA was one of the original growth areas that drove our nation from its beginnings.  The Swedes arrived first, followed by the Dutch, and finally the British including William Penn who landed just a few miles north along the Delaware River in Chester PA.

Marcus Hook PA Viscose Village Row HomesAgriculture was the original business at its founding, but Marcus Hook has always been a key trading/marketing area.  In the 1700’s it was an early port while traveling toward Philadelphia and at various points played roles in the Revolution, the Battle of 1812, the Pirate trade,  and the road and rail development along the coast but all relied on its key location along the Delaware. Although at one point it was considered a resort area,  over the ensuing years, Marcus Hook has become a major industrial area growing from fishing and shipping based industries toward major manufacturing and oil refinery based businesses.  Marcus Hook PA Row HomesIt has always benefitted from its key location in the center of the major industrial development between Philadelphia and Wilmington.

Today, it is home to two major refineries on either side of the historic downtown area with a pleasant park along the riverfront.  It’s population peaked in the 1920s with over 5000 residents but today it is a community of approximately 2500 residents.  It continues its history of community support with its strong resident involvement in its various boards, commissions, and committees and the local Marcus Hook Preservation Society.

Marcus Hook PA Mickey Vernon ParkRecent real estate activity has followed the trends seen in much of Delaware County.  With approximately 730 residential properties listed in the tax records for Marcus Hook PA, there is a nice mix of mostly row and twin homes in the borough with a few singles found throughout.  It is a very stable community with relatively low turnover of properties.  With its long history, there are properties from the 1700s through the new single family homes being built close to the riverfront park.

Marcus Hook PA HomesReal estate activity peaked in 2006 when there were 37 sales at an average price of $78,000.  For the next two years, prices continued a bit higher while activity mellowed with 33 sales averaging $87,000 in 2007 and 31 sales averaging $90,000 in 2008.  In 2009 there were only 16 completed sales at an average sales price of $80,000.  Today there are 31 homes on the market with an average asking price of $97,000, 4 homes under contract averaging $50,000, and 11 homes have sold in 2010 with an average sales price of $78,000.

With its prime location, industrial base, and community involvement, Marcus Hook PA should continue to be a stable home for years in the future.

David Henke
Long & Foster Real Estate Inc – Newtown Square,PA/Bear, DE
Office: 610-359-3853/Cell: 610-618-0808

(All statistics per the TrendMLS System and believed accurate but not guaranteed)