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Quick 2015 Delaware County PA Wrap Up

January 5, 2016

So how did it go in Delaware County real estate last year? – Pretty Good!

Although there has been a wide variation in activity throughout the county and townships, the overall market has continued to strengthen.

From January 1, 2015 through January 4, 2016, there were 6,122 reported sales on the MLS. This compares to only 5,465 at the beginning of last year, a rise of over 12%. It could be worseLikewise, pending sales have grown from 622 in 2015 to 660 in 2016, an increase of 6%. Active for sale home inventory has also decreased from 2,580 active lisitngs to 2,507, a fall of over 2.5%.

This looks even more promising when compared to the depth of the market in 2011. On January 4, 2012, there were 3,142 homes on the market (25% higher), 480 homes pending (27% lower), and there had only been 4089 sales in 2011 (33% lower).

Based on the local market and economy, it appears that we should have another solid year in 2016. This could be disrupted, however, depending on the major potential economic and political impacts currently developing around the world.

Call me if you are interested in more information on the market in your particular area.

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(All statistics per the TrendMLS system and believed accurate but not guaranteed)


Delaware County PA Real Estate & Homes Market Update

September 5, 2015

Despite a bit of a cool down, Delaware County PA continues to see strong home sales activity throughout the county – continuing a trend seen throughout the year.

After getting off to a tremendous start in 2015, the real estate market has cooled quite a bit in many parts of Delaware County PA, but total sales still remain well above last year at this time.

AsRidley Creek of September 1, there have been 4,115 settled home sales in the county. In addition there are 3,184 properties currently on the market ranging in price from less than $20,000 to over $19,000,000. and 853 properties are currently pending.

This is better across the board from this date in 2014. The active listings have dropped 2% from 3,233, Pendings are up 12% from 758 pending listings, and sold homes have risen 14% from the 3,602 properties that had sold as of this date last year.

It looks even better when compared to the trough in activity 5 years ago with active listings down 20% from 3,971, Pendings up 55% from 547, and sales up 50% from 2,728.

Overall the county continues to maintain a healthy sales rate compared to last year and is holding up well to both New Castle County and Chester County. Through September 1, New Castle County reported 4,039 home sales while Chester County reported 4,539 home sales. Delaware County began the year with a greater sales rate than both counties but all have been relatively healthy.

As long as the economy does not fall off the rails again, we would expect to see consistent sales activity through the rest of 2015.

David Henke
Long & Foster Real Estate Inc – Devon, PA/Wilmington, DE
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(All statistics per the TrendMLS system and believed accurate but not guaranteed)

Delaware County PA Homes Sales Activity Update

January 18, 2012

Overall home sales activity continued to decline in 2011, but the rate began to recover toward the end of the year.

As of January 1 2012, available homes for sale declined slightly as compared to January 1 2011 while homes under contract rose – boding well for the housing market as we enter 2012. In addition, while yearly sales continued to decline to a rate 9% below 2011 and 19% below 2010, the gap in activity began to close as the sales rate began to rise toward the end of the year. (Check out the last Update in July here)

As of January 1 each year:
Year:  Homes on the Market | Homes under Contract | Homes Sold
2012:            :3133                              464                           4072
2011:            :3210                              414                           4476
2010:            :2750                              495                           5030

2012 Vs 2011
Change:       -2.4%                            +12%                         -9%
2012 Vs 2010
Change:       +14%                            -7.3%                        -19% 

Positive News: With lower inventory and more homes under contract, we may be past the bottom of the market. There continues to be a large unsatisfied pent up demand with people who want to move and plenty of inventory available to satisfy the demand. In addition, the financing rates have never been lower for those who qualify.

Negative News: We still have a relatively anemic sales rate. The key will continue to be if anyone can “afford” to move. Both buyers and sellers continue to have problems selling their current properties, obtaining satisfactory appraisals on their sales and purchases, and, most critically, obtaining satisfactory financing to move.

Bottom Line: Today continues to be one of the best times to move seen in years. Prices are down across the board, inventory is up in most market segments, and financing rates are at record lows. Although existing homeowners may see lower prices on their sales, they continue to benefit from lower purchase prices. Investors can lock in the current low financing rates to earn higher income yields for years to come. When confidence returns to the marketplace, both prices and interest rates could rise quickly.

As always, feel free to contact me anytime with all your real estate needs and questions.

David Henke
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Delaware County Real Estate Market Notes

November 18, 2010

The Delaware County PA Real Estate market may be showing signs of returning to normal.

On the surface the numbers remain challenging on a year-to-year basis:

Inventory:   +20%
Homes Under Contract:   -28%
Homes Sold Year-to-Date:   -8%

But on closer look, there are some initial indications that the market could be returning to a more “normal” level in 2011.

Fall WoodsAfter peaking at over 3900 active listings in the county in late September, homes currently on the market have just fallen below the 3800 level (3790 active homes as of 11/17/09).  This is still 20% higher than on the same date last year but we need the inventory to fall to shore up pricing.

The number of sold homes just passed the 4000 level (4015 sold homes as of 11/17/09).  This level was passed on October 31 in 2009, is 8% lower than the same date last year, and is expected to continue to fall further behind in the absence of any new incentives.  This low sales rate appears unsustainable.

The number of pending homes has remained at a lower level of 525 homes currently under contract (731 homes were under contract in 2009).  This represents a 28% decline from the level in 2009.

Bottom line:  The incentives offered by the government appear to have simply rearranged the timing of sales that would have occurred naturally while only temporarily arresting a decline in activity.

Sales peaked in 2004 and 2005 with over 7600 sales each year.  The last time we had less than 5000 completed transactions in Delaware County was 1998, and there has been solid growth in the county since that time.  In 2011, we could see increasing sales and stabilizing prices as the market activity plays a bit of catch up to respond to pent up demand.

After experiencing slowing sales, higher inventories, and lower prices, we could be looking at a more “normal” year in 2011.

(All statistics per the TrendMLS System and believed accurate but not guaranteed.)