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Sharon Hill PA 102 Trolley SEPTA Station – End of the Line

July 11, 2009

Sharon Hill PA SEPTA 102 Trolley StationWelcome to Sharon Hill PA.

This SEPTA station is located on the Chester Pike just a few blocks east of Oak Lane and west of the Borough Hall.  It does not have any parking dedicated to the station itself but has plenty of room for dropping off or picking up passengers along Chester Pike or in the adjacent commercial parking lots.  The SEPTA 102 Trolley runs out of the 69th Street Terminal, and this could be a good public transportation connecting point through the nearby SEPTA bus stop.  It is also within a long walking distance of the Folcroft R2 Regional Rail station.

There are a wide variety of housing choices in the area from single family homes to twins and row homes.  These residential properties plus many commercial operations are also within easy walking distance of this station.  The video will provide a better feel for the area:

As far as real estate, Sharon Hill has followed a bit different path than much of the county.  For the most part, sales volume has held relatively steady except for 2008.  In 2002 there were 55 sales, then 52 in 2003, 61 in 2004, 60 in 2005, 62 in 2006, 54 in 2007,  then fell to 36 in 2008, and back up to 27 so far this year.

On the other hand prices rose from just $80,000 in 2004 to a peak average price of $137,000 in 2007.  This then fell to $119,000 in 2008 and $112,000 so far this year.  There are also an additional 43 homes currently on the market with an average price of $127,000 and 8 homes under contract with an average price of $89,000 – average sales price will continue down at least in the short term.

Sharon Hill has many public transportation options, great road connections, and is only minutes from the Philadelphia International Airport.  With it’s great location but limited parking, this stop is an ideal station for both the local homes and businesses.

As always, should you need any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me anytime.

Drexel Park SEPTA 101 & 102 Trolley Station in Drexel Hill Upper Darby PA

June 7, 2009

SEPTA 102 Trolley at Drexel Park Station Drexel Hill Upper Darby PAToday we’re in Drexel Hill visiting the Drexel Park Station for the SEPTA 101 and 102 trolleys in Upper Darby PA.

From the 69th Street Terminal out to the Drexel Junction, the 101 and 102 trolleys use the same tracks before splitting.  The 101 Trolley continues west to Media, while the 102 Trolley turns generally south to end in Sharon Hill.  The 102 Trolley line intersects with the  SEPTA R3 Regional Rail Line at the Clifton Aldan Station while the 101 generally parallels the R3 as it continues into Media.

The Drexel Park Station itself is a very well tended station designed to serve the local commuters as a walk up or drop off station.  There is no designated commuter parking for this stop or the next stop west at Irvington (also in Drexel Park).  It does have very frequent service to the 69th Street Terminal with continuing service on the high speed line toward Center City Philadelphia.  It remains a popular commuting option for the local residents.  The video will provide a better feel for the area:

Locally, the real estate market has experienced what we have been seeing throughout the county.  Drexel Park sales activity peaked in 2005 with 29 sales with an average price of $285,000.  Prices peaked in 2006 with an average price of $339,000 with 23 sales.  Since 2006, we have seen 21 sales at an average price of $331,000 in 2007, 13 sales at an average price of $297,000 in 2008, and 5 sales year to date 2009 with an average settled price of $285,000.  In addition, there are currently 12 homes actively on the market with an average list price of $347,000 and an additional 6 homes that are pending – averaging $286,000.  Based on these figures, I would expect the sales volume to rise a bit this year even while pricing may remain fairly weak.

Overall, this is a great area and one of the nicest original neighborhoods found that still affords easy commuting into Philadelphia.  As originally intended, this station continues to be an ideal stopping point for the local commuters but is not designed with additional parking for people living outside the area.

As always, should you have any questions or need any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me anytime.

Clifton Aldan SEPTA R3 Regional Rail Station Clifton Heights PA

May 27, 2009

ClifAldBoaWelcome to Clifton Heights PA.

Clifton Heights Borough Pennsylvania is one of the smaller boroughs in Delaware County Pennsylvania but is an important road, train, trolley, and bus crossroads and is well served by SEPTA.  The borough itself is centered on the intersection of Baltimore Ave (Baltimore Pike as you travel west) and Springfield Rd which both carry heavily traveled bus lines.  The 102 Trolley travels basically north to south through the borough on its way from the 69th Street Terminal to its end in Sharon Hill PA.  The R3 Regional Rail Line runs along its southern border with Aldan generally from east to west.

The SEPTA R3 Regional Rail Line station is located at the intersection of the R3 Rail Line and the 102 Trolley at the Rail Line’s overpass at Springfield Rd.  The original station is on the south/Aldan side and it has a shed on the Clifton Heights side of the platform.  There are good size parking lots located on both sides of the track as well as affording plenty of space on each side for dropping off/picking up passengers.  It is within easy walking distance of many homes and businesses in both boroughs.  The video should give you a better feel for the area:

Although prices have pulled back somewhat, the real estate market has remained very active.  From an average sales price of less than $100,000 in 2003, prices rose quickly to peak at an average of $143,000 in 2007.  Activity actually spiked to 128 transactions in 2004 and has drifted down since then to 125 sales in 2005, 111 in 2006, 96 in 2007, and 64 in 2008.  In 2009 we have already seen 24 settlements at an average price of $124,000 with an additional 13 properties pending ($142,000 average price) and 37 homes now available on the market at an average $158,000 list price.  Considering the the higher average pending price at this time, the average sales prices could be heading a bit higher.

This is a great commuting station with good access to rail, trolley, and bus lines.  It also has parking and is within easy walking distance of many residential areas.  If you need transportation to or from the area, this is a great station to consider.

As always, please do not hesitate to contact me for any additional details.

(All statistics are from the TrendMLS System and believed accurate but not guaranteed)

Ardmore Av Station SEPTA Rt 100 High Speed Rail Line

May 2, 2009

Welcome to the Ardmore Avenue Station of the SEPTA Route 100 High Speed Line.

SEPTA Ardmore Ave Station Haverford PAThe SEPTA Rt 100 High Speed Line runs from the 69th Street Terminal in Upper Darby Delaware County to Norristown in Montgomery County.  This particular station is located at the crossing of the tracks with Ardmore Avenue just to the north of the Merion Golf Club and south of the intersection of Ardmore Ave with Haverford Road.

The Ardmore Ave station has limited parking so it is better situated as a drop off/walk up station for the local residents.  It is within walking distance of much of the western area of Ardmore Park and within range of much of the student housing for Haverford College which is located north of Haverford Road and west of Ardmore Ave.  The Haverford station would be a closer stop to the campus itself.  Closer to the station there are predominately single family homes.  The video provides a bit better idea of the area:

As far as real estate in the area, there is a wide mix of townhomes, twins, and single family homes in the area.  Using only the twins north of the track just in the western area of Ardmore Park, the pricing is tracking what we have seen in much of the area.  Activity peaked in 2006 with 30 sales and an average price of $275,000.  Pricing peaked in 2007 at $278,000 with 25 sales and then fell to 16 sales at an average price of $268,000 in 2008.  In 2009, we have seen an increase with only four completed sales at an average price of $305,000.  All these properties were in great move-in condition.

Today there are an additional 8 properties on the market at an average of $272,000 list and 2 properties under contract with an average list price of $266,000.  Based on these numbers, we should see the average sales price coming down.

So again, welcome to the Ardmore station.  This is a convenient local suburban Philadelphia commuter station providing easy access to the additional connections both through Norristown and the 69th Street Terminal heading toward Philadelphia.  The station is within walking distance to a wide array of housing choices.  As always, feel free to contact me anytime with questions, topics, or concerns.

(All statistics from the TrendMLS System are believed accurate but not guaranteed.)

Media PA 101 Trolley SEPTA Orange St Stop

April 16, 2009

Media PA 101 TrolleyWell, today we’re at the end of the 101 Trolley line in Media PA Delaware County.  The SEPTA 101 Trolley runs from 69th Street Terminal Station out to just west of Orange Street on State Street in downtown Media.  The final stop is just two blocks north of Baltimore Av/Baltimore Pike and two blocks from the County Courthouse.

Any of the downtown Media trolley stops are convenient for commuters coming into the borough.  State Street itself is lined with commercial activity, restaurants, and other entertainment.  The surrounding area is filled with professional offices, the Delaware County Courthouse, and supporting economic activity.  Although there is no dedicated SEPTA parking in the area, the trolley stop is within easy walking distance to many residential areas and offers convenient access to other local Delaware County communities to the east as well as links to Philadelphia itself.

As far as homes in the area, the market has remained mixed.  Media has a wide range of housing from small apartments, to condos, town-homes, twins, single family homes, and small estates.  This diversity is what makes the borough a prime attraction for many residents, but it also somewhat limits overall generalizations as far as pricing.   As you have seen in many other areas, prices appear to have peaked in 2007 with the average sales price for residential properties reaching $328,000 with 66 sales.  Since then we have seen prices pull back to an average of  $270,000 with 57 sales in 2008, to $235,000 in the last six months, and finally $225,000 in 2009 with 10 sales settled to date.  On the surface this looks dramatic but appears more of a switch in the mix of sales rather than a major price decline.  Today, we still have an additional 7 properties under contract with an average list price of $331,000 and 28 additional properties on the market for an average asking price of $359,000.  Prices have certainly pulled back, but the market is too diverse to use the borough numbers exclusively.

So again, welcome to Media.  It’s a great suburban Philadelphia borough full of business, entertainment, and housing with easy rail accessibility by Trolley as shown here and by the regional rail system to be covered in the future.  Should you have any questions on the area or be thinking of making a move, please feel free to call anytime.