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Happy New Year 2010!

January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!  Welcome to 2010!

Welcome to Pennsylvania!

Welcome to Delaware!

Welcome to the Brandywine area!

Thanks to everyone for a great 2009 and looking forward to the New Year.  Just a few reminders as we head into 2010:

– The $8000 Credit for First Time Homebuyers is still available.
– A $6500 Tax Credit is available for resale buyers.
– To get the credits, homes must be under contract by April 30 and settled before the end of June 2010.
– Now is the time to strategize to make the most of this opportunity.  As we close in on the end of April, expect the inventory to drop again with possibly rising prices.

As always, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me anytime.  Enjoy the New Year!

Must Read Forbes – Green Tax Credits

November 23, 2008

reducedforbes1OK – I admit that there was not much activity today at the Open House in Newtown Square (apparently watching the Eagles trumped new home visits), but I did have the opportunity to catch up on some reading.

If you have or are planning any home improvements, you need to take a look at the Forbes Magazine special issue “Energy & Genius” dated November 24, 2008.  The entire magazine is an interesting review of energy issues and the ideas being pursued to change the way the world is consuming its resources.  No one is going to agree with everything included, but it does include something for everyone – no matter where you stand on the green scale.

More importantly, as we head toward the end of the year and you are preparing for your 2009 taxes, it has a great article highlighting some of the tax credits that may be available for home improvements – check out the article online: “The Green Tax Gusher”.  It also notes some good ideas on both projects that should be completed this year and some that probably should be delayed as credits will not be available until 2009.  Also, be sure to check out for a good state-by-state listing of incentives.

Finally, beginning on page 87, Philadelphia has a twenty page advertising insert that covers the region’s recent developments and future plans.  It’s an interesting view as to how Philadelphia is advertising itself to the world – “A New Day.  A New Way.”

All in all, a great issue worth a review if you have an opportunity to get your hands on it.